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About me

I identify myself intensely with digital arts and computer graphics, and always made use of my time to learn new techniques and tools with the goal to improve the quality of my works. I’ve been developing projects in the computer graphics arena since 1998.

Currently i have been working with visual effects in computer graphics area for broadcast companies. I took part in the Digital Arts Department of Globo TV and I was responsible for advertisement animations used on live TV sport events and digital animations used on the weekly TV shows Fantástico, GloboNews channel, for the 8th Brazilian version of the reality show Big Brother Brasil and 2009 Carnival.

For Record Rio TV i have worked in the Post-production’s Journalism Department, responsible for the creation and development of intros and digital animations used on various broadcaster’s shows. Still on Record TV at RecNov (Record`s studio complex), i was part of the visual effects department team responsible for the visual effects production for soap operas and series.

  • For a complete version of my resume in PDF format click here.